Imagining Your Future

Within the next 40 years, when we reach 2050 or so, new inventions and science breakthroughs will have changed your life completely. Scientists predict that in your future

  • Virtual-reality worlds will be the new instant messenger.
  • Humans will be connected to computer networks.
  • Humans will live longer.
  • Nanites (from nanotecnology) will be making life easier and changing the way everything works.
  • Human minds will receive computer uploads to make people smarter.
  • Video wristwatches will allow you to see and talk to anyone, anywhere.
  • Microchips implanted in your arm will serve as library cards, a driver’s license and emergency medical records.
  • Robots will be doing your housework and responding to your commands.

Some scientists, including Ray Kurzweil, a man honored for his inventions by the U.S. government, say that genetics, nanotechnology and robotics will bring really big changes very quickly.

“Within a quarter century,” said Kurzweil in 2005 interview, “nonbiological intelligence will match the range and subtlety of human intelligence. Intelligent nanorobots will be deeply integrated in our bodies, our brains, and our environment. They will be overcoming pollution and poverty, providing vastly extended longevity, full immersion virtual reality incorporating all the senses (like in the film “The Matrix” but hopefully nicer). The result will be an intimate merger between the technology-creating species and the technology evolutionary process it created.”

Many people say that Kurzweil’s radical changes will not happen, but it is important for us to be prepared for these possible developments.


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